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Personal Pilates training providing effective exercise programs for strength, flexibility, and zest

Cannon Pilatespersonal reformer training

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Back Splits - Allegro - Cannon Pilates

The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates emphasizes flexibility along with strength, unlike traditional weight training, which tends to shorten and bulk up muscles. In addition, Pilates promotes the toning of multiple muscle groups simultaneously, preventing unbalanced muscle strength that can leave an exerciser vulnerable to injury. The result of a steady program of Pilates training is a stronger, more flexible physique, with long, lean muscles in balance with each other, improved posture, improved balance, and the core strength essential to support the spine.

Pilates exercise builds bone density like any weight-bearing exercise, without the increased potential for injury from lifting heavy weights, and so is a safe regular regime that is excellent for preventing osteoporosis.

Practitioners of Pilates include not only athletes and those seeking to rebuild strength and flexibility after rehabilitation from injury, surgery, or illness, but also people with active lives who find that a strong and flexible physique adds to the enjoyment of work and life in general, and is a safeguard against physical injury.

Trainer Mike Cannon has developed a unique style that is inspired by his experience from being a lifelong competitive athlete and longtime personal trainer and coach. Mike understands the demands of balancing family, career, and health, and his work demonstrates a keen awareness of the needs of a wide variety of clients. Whether you are a competitive athlete looking for your personal best or you are just looking for more strength, flexibility, and ease of movement, Mike will design a custom program to meet your needs.

personal reformer training     mike cannon, certified trainer

707 468-5823

598 park blvd., ukiah, ca 95482

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