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Personal Pilates training providing effective exercise programs for strength, flexibility, and zest

Cannon Pilatespersonal reformer training

mike cannon, certified trainer

707 468-5823

598 park blvd., ukiah, ca 95482

Equipment Available at Cannon Pilates


Balanced Body® Reformer: Based on the original equipment designed by Joseph Pilates, the Balanced Body Reformer is specifically tailored to Pilates training. Unlike Pilates performed on a mat, the Reformer provides more support and varying resistance levels. The presence of a personal coach ensures correct posture, technique, and breathing, underscoring the basic Pilates principle that values the quality of movement over quantity of repetitions.

Chest Press with GTS® Machine

EFI Sports Medicine® Gravity Training System: The Gravity Training System, designed by EFI Sports Medicine, has won innovation awards for its unique design that uses the body’s own weight as resistance in performing exercise, providing a gentle and effective basis for personal training.

Push-Pull with Kaiser® Functional Trainer

Keiser® Functional Trainer: An air-powered, variable resistance exercise machine, the Functional Trainer uses pneumatics to build up resistance for various pulling and flexing exercises. Because the system is based on air compression and not weight, the exerciser can have the benefit of working with weight-bearing pressure without the momentum created by lifting traditional weight equipment. It is ideal training equipment for the athlete looking for increased performance as well as those who are elderly or in post-injury rehabilitation.

Whole Body Vibration Plate: The WBVP, or “vibe plate,” generates mechanical vibrations that are transmitted to the body through a vibration plate. By stimulating fast twitch muscle fibers, it dramatically increases muscle strength, motor learning, muscular endurance, and overall agility. The vibrations generated massage, relax, strengthen, and tone the body while increasing flexibility, range of motion, and loss of cellulite.

Water Rower: Rowing is universally recognized as the perfect aerobic exercise—smooth, low impact, rhythmic, and whole body. Rowing also strengthens your core. The Water Rower, unlike traditional rowing machines, replicates the aesthetic pleasure and feel of a boat on water.

Gym Stuff: All the usual suspects are here: dumbbells, balance tools, stability balls, medicine balls, etc. Mike uses his experience and creativity to use ordinary fitness tools in fun, fresh ways. Expect lighthearted fun, not drudgery!

personal reformer training     mike cannon, certified trainer

707 468-5823

598 park blvd., ukiah, ca 95482

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